Blog Affiliate Money Making Secret That Will Always Keep Your Profits High

The combinations of blogs and affiliate marketing have made so many affiliates rich. But the fact still remains that there some affiliates who combine the power of blogs and affiliate marketing but still do not make any profit.

For those affiliates in this rather unfortunate situation, here is a blog affiliate money making secret that will change your orientation and always keep your affiliate profits high.

Test the affiliate program you want to promote.

This is blog affiliate money making secret that most unsuccessful affiliate bloggers ignore. It is necessary to make sure that you test the affiliate program or programs that you want to promote on your blog. Before you begin to put all your effort, time and funds to promoting an affiliate program, make sure you test the effectiveness of such an affiliate program. All you need to do is paste your affiliate link or links on your blog and then give a time space to see what happens and if you are able to make any sale.

For example, if you join an affiliate program on health supplements, all you need do is create a blog on health supplements, write an article about how the health supplements affiliate program you have joined can solve serious health related problems, and then post the article you’ve written on your health supplements blog complete with your affiliate link.

You will then write about 20 articles talking about serious health related problems and submit them to a high traffic article directory like In each of the 20 articles you will submit to, create a resource box with links pointing to the single article that you’ve posted on your health supplements affiliate blog. You will then wait for about a week or two or more, to see if you will make any sale. That way, you will be able to test the effectiveness of the affiliate program.

You can repeat the process for other affiliate programs that you want to promote. Always use the blog affiliate money making secret that you have just learnt to keep your affiliate profit high. It will always pay off on the long run.

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